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Sherri Moore
TVDSB Trustee
Wards 7, 8, 9, 10, &13


Since being appointed to the Board of Trustees in December 2021 and subsequently being elected in October 2022, it has been my privilege to work diligently to support the success of all students in Thames Valley and to be your voice at the School Board. Being accessible to my community and advocating for families who need assistance navigating challenges in our school system are my top priorities. I work hard to build collaborative relationships and I never stop asking questions.

I'm a parent of three grown TVDSB students. We've been through French immersion, autism spectrum disorder program, gifted class, bealart, dual credit, co-op, specialized transportation, sometimes it feels like you name it, my family's done it.


Why trustee? I see my role at the school board as a call to service. It feels right to me to be putting my energy into this work.


I love to solve problems. Ask questions. Dig for answers. And I want to do this in a way that capitalizes on our common strengths and brings us to achieve shared goals. I want to be part of a team that works together for student wellbeing.


I've been listening to your priorities and there are definitely some common themes emerging, and no surprises, really.


Our kids and our educators have been through an outrageously difficult couple of years. We all have. It's impacted our mental health and we need to make sure our kids have the support that they need.


We have overcrowded schools, too many portables, and delays in getting new schools built. We are struggling to keep enough educational assistants in the classrooms. We need to keep advocating for these issues and not let up the pressure.


There have been major changes in how we approach vocational learning and de-streaming of curriculum. It's important as trustees that we continue to watch how this develops and insist on evidence that we are getting it right. Our kids’ futures depend on it.


We also need to make sure we are hearing from the public more. I think COVID got us off track a bit and I'm really looking forward to lots of in-person communication with our communities. Our schools are at the heart of our neighbourhoods and your voices matter.


And of course, I'm hearing that we all want to feel safe in our schools. Safe from violence, safe from discrimination, safe from hate. This is really important to me and I hope over the next four years we can continue to build safe learning environments in all our schools.

My Story

Since shortly after moving to London in 2000, I have worked at Western University where I have spent years learning about curriculum, education, governance, and building relationships. In particular, the last decade has provided an opportunity to focus on drafting, reviewing, and administering policy. I am currently completing a master's degree in Professional Education in the field of Equity, Diversity, and Social Justice and am passionate about transformative education.


With three grown children who went through the public school system here in TVDSB, I have had personal experience with many of the different pathways and programs we have to offer:

  • Adult / Continuing Education

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) programming

  • Beal Art

  • Co-Op

  • Dual Credit Program

  • French Immersion

  • Gifted programming

  • School Within a College (SWAC)

  • Specialized Transportation.


Over the years I have served on a number of boards and committees, including

  • TVDSB’s Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

  • Autism Ontario – London Chapter

  • HBT Working Group (now Rainbow Network London)

  • London Middlesex Roller Derby (LMRD)

  • Pride London Festival

    • In 2018 I received the Ken Sadler Award for Individual Contribution 


I have served as Vice Chair on SEAC and I currently sit on several TVDSB Committees:

  • Planning and Priorities Advisory Committee (Chair)

  • First Nations Advisory Committee

  • Special Education Advisory Committee

  • Discipline Committee

  • Thames Valley Education Foundation

  • Negotiations Advisory Committee

I also represent TVDSB as a director of Ontario Public School Boards' Association (OPSBA). I'm looking forward to spending the next four years as your trustee.



519-452-2000 ext. 22409

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